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Application Development Products

Matrix for Windows

  • Allow non-programmers to develop powerful applications to enhance or supplement operations and data retrieval in a CRS environment using personal computers running Windows
  • Reduce application development time and cost by using high-level, functionally rich scripting tools
  • Provide access and connectivity to a broad range of database software platforms to avoid limiting the customer to a single database format
  • Increase productivity in the areas of easy application development/modification, and ease of use.

Download the Matrix Help file: MwHelp.zip


Automation Products for SHARES

Automated Schedule Change

  • Automates host schedule change (via SSIM).
  • Standard version provides automation of host schedule change.
  • Enhanced version allows compare of SSIM files to produce a flights to work list reducing host transactions.

Codeshare Automation

  • Standard version automates update of codeshare table (via SSIM)
  • Enhanced version automates update of codeshare table and OA schedule change.

Reverse Codeshare Automation

  • Automates update of Reverse Codeshare table via SSIM.

ETicket Automation

  • Automates ETKT and Receipt generation.

Flifo MVT Automation

  • Automates update of FLIFO movement table (2CS*) via SSIM.

IATA Message Table

  • Automates update of PFS messages in Inbound & Outbound IATA tables via SSIM.

S Table Automation

  • Automates update of S Tables via SSIM.

3rd Party Automation

  • Automates update of 3rd Party Translation table via SSIM.

ANT Automation

  • Automates update of AirFlite Notification Table via SSIM.

APIS Automation

  • Automates update of APIS table (via customer generated file).

Availability Audit

  • Audit and correct availabilities for HA/OA codeshare flights. Requires connectivity to OA host systems (1A, 1S, etc.) to display availabilities.

Availability Management

  • Extracts/Updates Market Record data from SHARES to/from offline database.

Re-Accom Automation

  • Automation to cancel existing HA* flight and rebook OA operating flight.
  • Automation to UN an existing HA flight and, optionally, rebook an HA, HA*, or OA flight.

DRS Automation

  • Automates the update of DRS pages from text files provided by customer (1 text file per DRS page).

SHARES Schedule Extract

  • Extracts host schedule from system into offline database.


Automation Products for SABRE

Automated Schedule Change

  • Automates host and codeshare schedule change (via SSIM).

Eticket Automation

  • Automates ETKT and Receipt generation plus customer specific ETKT queue sort routines.

Inventory Extract

  • Automates extract of inventory data from SABRE and delivery to revenue management system.